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What Compels Us to Act?

The ramifications of poverty are often passed on from one generation to the next due to social, economic, and political barriers. These impact thousands of young Chattanoogans each year, leading to adverse outcomes among the most vulnerable individuals and communities in our area.


We believe we can restore hope in youth living in adverse conditions by providing holistic support, genuine partnership, and continued investment in their success - their pursuits of happiness.

What Is Our Approach?

Poverty affects each individual differently, so we address each student on a one-to-one basis, eager to instill values of hope, kindness, respect, reliability, diligence, and discipline through shared experiences. 

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What We Do










The Girl's Leadership Symposiums were created to provide safe spaces for under resourced teenage girls (6th-12th grade) to be empowered and develop the skills needed to succeed during the most important years of a young woman's life. The symposiums are held bi monthly for 5 hours on a designated Saturday. Each symposium includes at least one guest speaker who educates the girls on topics relevant to today's teens. All girls are given breakfast, lunch, snack, and supplies. It is important for all girls to have access to the symposiums regardless of financial resources. The goal of the Girl's Symposiums is to introduce the girls to resources, opportunities, and exposure that they would not normally have access to. 

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