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Drive to Thrive

Partner with us to empower Chattanooga's youth affected by trauma

Who Are We

What is Drive to Thrive?

Every young person has a drive to succeed. 

You have the drive to make a difference.

Drive to Thrive is the perfect opportunity to join forces with the Pursuit of Happiness and help youth and families affected by trauma achieve their untapped potential.

What is the campaign goal?

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Pursuit of Happiness, we are raising $100,000 to ensure youth and families affected by trauma receive the holistic support they need.

Every dollar raised will be invested in resources that positively impact youth and families affected by trauma.

How will the money be used?

Your gift to the Drive to Thrive campaign will help fill the gaps between the demand for post-trauma support and the supply of professional services available within the organization's budget.

This includes investments in (among others):

  • Counseling, mentoring and coaching services for underserved individuals and their families

  • Youth leadership symposiums in the community

  • Apprenticeship opportunities to equip youth with job skills 

How can I get involved?

Join us in holistically supporting youth and families affected by trauma. 


Your partnership will empower Chattanooga's youth, one life a time.

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