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About Us

Transforming Lives, Igniting Hope

The Pursuit of Happiness is a compassionate non-profit organization dedicated to transforming lives in high-risk youth, underserved families, and under-resourced communities. Through our innovative approach, which encompasses in-home and Telehealth-based behavior and clinical counseling, mentoring, as well as opportunities for internships and apprenticeships, we are committed to creating positive change. At the core of our mission is the belief that everyone deserves the chance to thrive, regardless of their circumstances.

By working intimately within the fabric of communities, we strive to break the cycle of poverty, offering a comprehensive support system that fosters resilience, empowerment, and lasting change. We are not just an organization; we are a movement committed to restoring hope, building brighter futures, and contributing to the collective healing of our culture.

What Compels Us To Act?

Our Why

The ramifications of poverty are often passed on from one generation to the next due to social, economic, and political barriers. These impact thousands of young Chattanoogans each year, leading to adverse outcomes among the most vulnerable individuals and communities in our area.


We believe we can restore hope in youth living in adverse conditions by providing holistic support, genuine partnership, and continued investment in their success - their pursuits of happiness.

Poverty affects each individual differently, so we address each student on a one-to-one basis, eager to instill values of hope, kindness, respect, reliability, diligence, and discipline through shared experiences. 

What Is Our Approach?

Our How

Our Mission

Our P.U.R.S.U.I.T.

We will rely on the following core values to guide us in each step we take:

Partnership, professionalism, principles
Unique counseling and individualized services
Respect families and restore hope
Support families in achieving desired outcomes
Understand through active listening
Investment, inclusion and integrity in everything we do
Trust our families and believe in teamwork

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