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Our Programs

The Four Pillars

We are focused on interrupting cycles and patterns of trauma in young Chattanoogans through supporting their healing, improving access and opportunities for work and economic advancement, and providing  supportive role models and engaged community leaders

Pillar I


Our Counseling program provides short-term (approx. 12-16 wks) behavioral and clinical services to identified and referred youth in under-resourced areas of the community.

These services will empower students with the necessary skills to live fulfilled and successful lives at home, school, and in the community while preventing and/or reducing involvement with the Juvenile Justice System.


Counseling in-home includes household members so that all residents are equally invested in the student’s success.

Pillar 3


Our Mentoring Program aims to prevent the downward cycle of psycho-pathological delays in human development. 

Mental health therapeutic supports help young people have a greater awareness of consequences in decision-making related to school, work, relationships, and life goals. 


Our efforts focus on a specific demographic of families who become "...anxious and/or depressed with daily living."


We provide opportunities to meet frequently with our staff to work through diverse conditions that result in systemic pathological anxiety and/or depression.

Pillar 2


Our Community Internship Program helps supplement the income of the students, while they gain professional experience.

Many under-resourced students don't have the opportunity to accept unpaid internships because their income is relied on.


Prioritizing a paid job outside of their preferred career places these students at a disadvantage when applying to their desired professional field.


Internships are an opportunity for students to build professional skills and develop long-term connections.

Pillar 4


Our Apprenticeship Program aims to connect students to their passion and provide opportunities for them to continue that career path in the workforce or college. 

We have a network of volunteers to help with the development and implementation of a small business with Brainerd, The Howard School, and East Ridge High Schools. 


We offer opportunities to develop and work in a real business while being paid a wage and being exposed to real-world examples of what the classroom is teaching them.

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Students can gain an understanding of their interests for their future while interacting with on-site mentors preparing them for workplace environments.

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